A reading competition? Why should you join?

Reading never gets out of fashion. It’s 2021 and we have just launched the fourth edition of the Fischer International Reading Race, a reading competition for children aged 6-18 years old. What is the purpose of it? Why should you join? What are the benefits of taking part in a reading competition?
A reading competition? Why should you join?

Reading is at the heart of everything that you, as an English learner, do and it is also the key to successful learning. Reading is a habit that we need to develop every day and the benefits of it are just incredible.

Reading in English will make you think in English, will develop your vocabulary and your fluency. The more you read, the more you will be exposed to new words, structures and expressions. This way you will be able to build quite a large active and passive English vocabulary.

Reading improves memory. When reading, you meet a variety of characters, you get to know their stories, you find out a lot of new information and details that will exercise your memory and will develop your analytical, logical and thinking skills.

Reading will impact your writing skills. Every new book, every new author style will have a great influence on your writing.

Reading develops your imagination and creativity. A book is very different from a movie. In a book you only read the words and you have to create everything using your own imagination – the scenes, the characters, the places.

Reading will increase your knowledge in other fields. By reading you will have access to other cultures and traditions, you will travel throughout the globe and throughout the history, you will read about health, psychology and other aspects of life. All these will add to your general knowledge.

Reading will increase your motivation to read even more. After you have discovered that you can read in English and you actually enjoy reading in a foreign language, your motivation to read even more will increase. Also, if the subject of the book is something interesting for you and the level of the book is well-chosen, this will make you confident and it will work on your self-esteem.

Read for your own pleasure and for your own entertainment. Get lost in a book and this will completely relax you and it will make you feel peaceful, fascinated and happy. Books can also release you from boredom. Reading is a great way to spend your free time during the rainy autumn days, during the cold winter or even in the shade during of a hot summer. Reading is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have.

If we still didn’t manage to convince you that reading is power, that reading shapes the way you think and your entire future and that you should join our challenge, let us give you some more reasons!

We only recommend books from prestigious publishing houses such as Cambridge University Press, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press, Collins ELT, Penguin Random House or Ladybird English.

The variety of subjects and titles you can choose from is impressive, you will definitely find something to match your interests and hobbies. Also, you can choose hard copy or digital books.

At the end of the competition, your reading comprehension will be evaluated; therefore, you will have the opportunity to return to the books you read and to see what things you remember, what you liked, what you didn’t like, what you would do differently.

In conclusion, don’t miss the competition! This is your chance to prove you are the most ambitious reader!

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