The joy of reading

“Once you learn the joy of reading a whole world of discovery opens up and you’ll never look back.” - Toby Reynolds

The joy of reading

Reading is an essential skill, that can improve many aspects of students’ language abilities like reading, writing, listening and speaking. This is the reason why it is very important that students see it as a pleasurable experience. Only this way, they will develop a love of reading and become lifetime readers.

Our students have different passions, abilities, likes and interests. The teacher’s mission is to guide them effectively through their reading journey. What books do your students like reading? What are their favourite topics? Who are their favourite characters? Ask yourself these questions before implementing reading programs in your English language teaching classrooms.


  1. When the reading materials are relevant to the students’ experiences, passions and aspirations
    When choosing the reading materials for your classroom, take into account the students’ needs, motivation, interests, cultural background and their language level. Also, give students the opportunity to choose what they want to read. They will be more likely to read if their interests are considered and they have control on how and what to read. This would also increase their enthusiasm and the joy of reading.
  2. When the level of the book is well chosen
    If the book is too challenging, it would discourage and demotivate the students. If the book is too easy, it can become monotonous for the reader. Therefore, in order to make students enjoy the reading, choose the books that match their level.
  3. When the purpose of reading is pleasure
    Reading for pleasure has a lot of benefits such as: personal development, positive reading attitudes and increased general knowledge.
  4. When the environment makes students feel comfortable to read
    Make reading time special and create a reading atmosphere that will help students develop a reading habit.
  5. When they have a role model that encourages their behavior
    Teachers and parents have a big impact on children. That is why they should inspire them to read and support them in developing their own preferences and reading tastes and form their reading identities.


  • The reading materials are suitable for any age and for any level of English
  • Students can choose what they want to read from a variety of topics and genres, from classic stories to contemporary bestsellers or from some of the world’s best-love authors or characters to great modern stories
  • We acknowledge effort and reward all the participants registered in the competition, teachers, students and schools
  • The competition will give students a sense of accomplishment because, after reading the books, they will have to complete their Reading Portfolio
  • The teachers can keep track of the students’ reading and monitor their progress at all levels

Fischer International Reading Race is a reading competition for children between 6 – 18-year olds. The competition is designed to spread the love of reading and create a new generation of outstanding readers.

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