Why reading matters

Reading has always been at the heart of education and learning and teachers have always been struggling to cultivate the love of reading in their students from very young ages.

Why reading matters

There is no secret to anyone that reading has a significant number of benefits from stimulating the creativity and imagination to improving vocabulary, developing critical and analytical skills and relaxing or relieving stress.

It is essential that we, as teachers, keep students motivated to read. Motivation can be stimulated through the interest that student have in a certain topic or story but also through setting reasonable goals for them such as: reaching a new level, reading a certain number of books or pages or learning a certain number of new words.


Graded readers are books specifically written at different levels for learners at different stages of learning a language. They may be original stories, or they may be adaptations of well-known books originally written for a general readership.


Graded readers are a teaching and learning instrument that can have a positive effect on the evolution of learners and should occupy a central place in every English language learning classroom. The benefits of using graded readers include, among others:

Developing learners’ reading confidence, motivation and fluency
Graded readers are designed in such way so they can give learners a successful experience of reading and motivate them to read more. It is important that the graded readers be chosen for the learners’ appropriate level of understanding because, otherwise, the reader might be discouraged.

Expanding language knowledge
Graded readers improve the language ability and the reading comprehension of learners. The meaning of the new words is quite predictable because of the use of illustrations or supporting context.

Developing the knowledge of grammar
Graded readers help learners naturally absorb the grammar structures and increase their confidence about using them naturally in contexts.

Improving writing
As students come across more language through reading, the language acquisition will help them produce better writing.


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